C02 Laser Facial

Resurfacing C02 treatment targeting just the superficial layer of the skin tissue revealing healthier- looking skin. Improves skin texture drastically! This treatment is fabulous for so many things such as reducing superficial pigment, minimizing acne scars, sun damage, fine lines and large pores! Your skin will look healthier and younger, whether you treat your face, décolleté or hands!
No numbing is required. Minimal pain if any at all.
Minimal downtime; you can expect to be slightly red, as if you have a sunburn for 1-2 days but typically nothing to prevent you from returning to daily activities.

CO2 Laser Facial Cambridge
C02 Laser Resurfacing Facial + Neck
Special Rate
$800.00 plus hst per treatment
$2000.00 plus hst package of 3 treatments
*Package is best for optimal results*
C02 Laser Resurfacing + Microneedling Treatment
This package is the ultimate skin combo!
You will receive 1 Microneedling Face + Neck Treatment then the following 2 months you will receive 2 C02 Laser Resurfacing  to the Face + Neck. This package would involve some numbing prior to the Microneedling treatment.
Downtime 1-2 days if any at all. Often slight redness occurs post Microneedling for 24hours.
C02 Laser Resurfacing  minimal redness; minimal downtime if any at all. No numbing is applied as this is a relatively pain-free procedure to most. Often there is no downtime post C02 Laser Resurfacing .


C02 Laser Resurfacing + Microneedling one treatment face + neck $1400.00 plus hst

****BEST DEAL ****
x2 C02 Laser Resurfacing  + x1 Microneedling Series of 3 Treatments
$ 2500.00 PLUS HST
(NOTE THIS MEANS 1 Microneedling TREATMENT FACE + NECK THEN 2 C02 Laser Resurfacing OF THE FACE +NECK)
Fractional C02
One Fractional C02 Treatment
Mild Fractional Ablation APPROX. 3 DAYS
$999.00 plus hst
Moderate Fractional Ablation APPROX 3-5 DAYS $1999.00 plus hst
Aggressive Fractional Ablation >7 DAYS
$2300.00 plus hst
**All depending on your individual health/body and how quickly it heals; these are all rough estimates on downtime as everyone is unique.